Business Introduction

Specialty products require special management in the distribution in most cases due to the nature of the product itself and the features of the target disease. Also, many venture companies in Japan and abroad that have developed such a product, in order to devote more resources to new drug development, will demand wholesale companies to offer a wide range of functions regarding the distribution system than the existing pharma companies.

SMD Co. in response to these demands, by combining a variety of functions of Alfresa Group and partners, as well as by proposing and building the most suitable distribution system for each product, provides efficient and stable supply of specialty products.

Centralized supply chain management system using Alfresa Group and partners’ network

Nationwide Distribution Networks

Whatever you need, whenever you need, we deliver through our nationwide distribution network.

As the starting point of SMD Co., to the logistics centers of Alfresa Group companies and partners, and from logistics center to hospitals and pharmacies through logistic networks of wholesalers, we deliver specialty products safely and securely as experts of pharmaceutical distribution.

SMD provides specialty distribution service based on the nationwide wholesaling network of the Alfresa Group and partners.

Pharma Manufacturers → SMD → the Alfresa group and partners → Hospitals → Patients